Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial roofs are often more complex than they appear. At Host Building Group, we understand how much you depend upon your commercial roofing. A solid commercial roof will help keep your business safe from the elements. Whether you need repairs, maintenance or an entire re-roof, our team at Host Building Group can help. We’re the one call solution that can address any need for your commercial roofing.

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Most commercial roofs in South Florida are designed in the popular flat roof style. There are many different types of flat roofs, and at HOST BUILDING GROUP we can work with all of them. We can install, repair and maintain any type of flat roof your property may have for smaller spaces and even large expansive properties. Built Up Roofs, also known as BUR roofs, are one of the most popular flat roofing styles we work with at Host Building Group. These roofs are typically created from layers of reinforcing fabrics, gravel and often tar. Over time, your BUR roof may need to have a new layer of tar added, or it can face structural challenges altogether. Has a leaky drainpipe brought substantial damages to your flat roof? We can repair the area and get things back to normal. Metal roofs are another popular commercial roofing type; these require expert design and nuanced repairs. We can custom fabricate your commercial Standing Seam metal roof and apply necessary sealants to increase water resistance.

We offer FREE ESTIMATES! NO MONEY DOWN FINANCING. Contact us for a free estimate at any time (561) 819-2511.

Some commercial roofing can incorporate a combination of flat roof and angled tile roofing. Or, your commercial roof may be a tile roof altogether. If your commercial tile has cracked, chipped or fallen away, we can help. We can repair major structural damages in your tile roof, along with replacing broken tiles. We can also keep your commercial roof looking great with our roof surface and pressure cleaning services. With routine pressure cleaning, your tile or shingles commercial roof will not only look beautiful, but it will also be incredibly durable.

  • Architectural Shingle Steep Slope
  • Specialty Tile, Slate, & Composite Products
  • TPO (Single Ply Roofing Technology)
  • Standing Seam Sheet Metal Roofing
  • Architectural Sheet Metal Copings
  • Architectural Sheet Metal Cladding Systems
  • Insulative Sloping & Re-sloping of Flat Roofs
  • Gutter, Leaderhead, & Rainwater Management Systems
  • Fully Warranted Low Slope Single-Ply Membrane Systems
  • Maintenance & Service Programs
  • Extended 100% Labor & Materials

At Host Building Group, we understand the importance of offering our customers timely repairs. We know that any downtime at the hands of a damaged roof is lost profits for your business. This is why we move quickly throughout our repairs, working to repair or install your roof without hindering the function of your business. We also offer repairs, maintenance programs and warranties that can keep your roof in great shape for years to come. When you work with our roofing experts, you won’t have to worry about your roofing at all! One call to our team can keep a great roof above your business, allowing you to focus on more pressing matters.

We offer FREE ESTIMATES! NO MONEY DOWN FINANCING. Contact us for a free estimate at any time (561) 819-2511.


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