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Host Building Group sets the standard in the home improvement industry. We offer the quality you deserve by providing the highest-grade windows, window materials and customer service.

Adding new windows increases the value of your home and creates an element of beauty. Choose Custom’s vinyl or Aluminum replacement windows and you will be graced by a combination of energy efficiency and low maintenance fees.

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Why you should replace your windows

Replacement windows increase your property value, making it look less aged and allowing for it to be energy efficient. If you have dilapidated, old, or cracked windows, than vinyl windows are your replacement solution. They can also be customized if you desire a new look or purpose for the window space.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing windows will improve your home energy efficiency, meaning you save money on your monthly energy bill. Plus, it helps keep the noise out and the luxury in. The windows are manufactured to minimize outside noise, making your home a comfortable and quiet place to live.

Easy to use, easy to maintain

Replace your windows with designs that are so simple to clean and use. Also, you can easily let the breeze in and enjoy the outside elements, or close up and keep the warmth in. We promise that vinyl replacement windows installed by us will not rot, peel or flake like classical wood windows. Nor will they erode or rust similar to metal windows.

At Host Building Group we are a dealer for Custom Windows systems and LAWSON Windows. Custom Window Systems, Inc. (CWS) has been in business since 1986 and prides itself in producing high quality, American made window and door products for both residential and commercial use. Their manufacturing plant and general offices are located in Ocala, Florida where they occupy a 225,000 sq. ft. facility built to our specifications in 2006. CWS produces both vinyl and aluminum window and door products which are distributed throughout the Southeastern part of the country. The CWS vinyl “WINDPACT” window has been designed and engineered for the stringent building requirements of the Florida market, meeting the high design pressures in most areas.

Recognizing the demand for an energy efficient window, CWS was the first window manufacturer in Florida to obtain an Energy Star® rating from the NFRC.

Replacement Windows and Entry Doors

Replacement windows and new entry doors don’t just make an impression from a curb appeal perspective; they also make your home more comfortable. When it comes to cooling and heating, new windows and doors could also have the added benefit of lowering energy costs as well as improving the comfort level in your home year round.

We offer FREE ESTIMATES! NO MONEY DOWN FINANCING. Contact us for a free estimate at any time (561) 819-2511.

Improve the Look of Your Florida Home While Improving the Value

By investing in your home you’ll reap the rewards of a comfortable and functional place to live as well as benefit by boosting the value of your home. Small changes can equate to a great return on your investment both from a home equity perspective as well as in giving you a great place to live that you can have pride in.

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